Dublin Worlds 2006

Hart House A (Michael Kotrly & Joanna Nairn) are the World Champions for 2006.

In the Final they Defeated
Chicago A
Inner Temple A
Yale E

Best speakers
1. Beth O'Connor (Yale A)
1. Rory Gillis (Yale A)
3. Derek Lande (UCC A)
3. Tara Mounce (Oxford A)
5. Daragh Grant (Chicago A)
6. Ivan Ah Sam (Sydney A)
7. Patrick Emerson (Chicago A)
8. Dominic Thurbon (Sydney A)
9. Jessica Prince
10. James Renihan
10. Joanna Nairn (Hart House A)

Erasmus A won the World ESL championships.
Anat Genber from Haifa A has won the ESL best speaker award
Team "Canada" (Neil Harvey-Smith & Jess Harvey-Smith) won the Team Masters. Sean O'Quigley (Ireland) won the individual Masters.

O'Neill Simpson from UWI Cave Hill has won the public Speaking

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