The Lyceum Debating Championship 2019

This was a debate tournament in the British Parliamentary debate format, the The Lyceum Debating Championship 2019 was held (or started on) 8/30/2019. I tried to write down all the motions from all the rounds, but if any of them are missing or are wrong, please contact me and I will change them.

Here are the motions:

Round 1: This House Regrets the societal expectation of going to university.
Round 2: This House, as a parent, would allow Vought America to inject their child with Compound V
Round 3: This House Would ban zoos
Round 4: This house, as the US government, would break up Facebook, inc.
Open Quarter Final Motion: In areas with high crime, this house would impose a curfew on men.
Open Semi Final Motion: This House Supports Antifa
Open Final Motion: If brought back to the 2018 ballot in the Pakistani General Elections, this house would still vote for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI).

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