Evodio Online Open

The debate tournament called “Evodio Online Open” was held on the 6/20/2020. You can find all the debate topics that were debated in the tournament in this article. If you are looking for the results, please check the category Other debate tournament results.

Here are the motions:

1 TH supports giving legal personhood to internationally recognized important environmental spaces (e.g., Mount Everest, the Amazon) as a form of conservation
2 TH prefers a world with a widespread belief in radical freedom
3 TH supports the creation of charter cities in the developing world
4 THBT social movements should focus on publicly shaming corporations to change business practices rather than trying to achieve these outcomes through legislative action
5 THBT the ‘cultural defence’ is a legitimate defence in criminal proceedings
Open_Quarters THBT the U.S. Federal Reserve should purchase equities (i.e., buy stocks)
Open_Semi TH supports the narrative that All Cops Are Bad
Open_Final TH prefers a world where romantic love is not the primary consideration in a marriage

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