Pop Culture Grand Prix

The debate tournament called “Pop Culture Grand Prix” was held on the 9/4/2020. You can find all the debate topics that were debated in the tournament in this article. If you are looking for the results, please check the category Other debate tournament results.

Here are the motions:

1a: That we would abolish Slytherin house
1a: That, as a Hobbit, we would go on a grand adventure
1a: That we would have preferred the Game of Thrones prequel series to be Bloodmoon over House of the Dragon
1b: That, as a competitive and socially conscious young Pokémon trainer, we would not participate in Pokémon battles
1b: That we prefer larger, more spaced apart patches to regular, smaller patches in esports games
1b: That it is in the interest of the Gerudo to abandon their policy of isolationism and instead embrace an open borders policy
Round 2: That, as Rey Skywalker after the battle of Exegol, we would re-start the Jedi Order
Round 2: That the Star Wars sequels are better than the Star Wars prequels
Round 2: That it is in the interest of the Sith (circa 35 BBY) to abolish the Rule of Two
Round 3: That, as Billie Eilish, we would release a Christmas album
Round 3: That, with hindsight, we really do regret Glee
Round 3: That, as Clutch Mami, we would sign with a major record label rather than remain independent
Round 4: That, as Aman, we would have professed our love and married Naina
Round 4: That, as the fertility doctor, we would tell the young woman the truth.
Round 4: That we believe that Andy should have stayed and worked at Runway
Round 5: That we would prefer the Eric Killmonger plot to the Shuri plot
Round 5: That Gotham would be safer if Batman abandoned his ‘No Killing’ rule
Round 5: That we regret the depiction of Supergirl frequently saving the day through idealism and hope
ESL_Final: That the Pokemon anime should soon replace Ash as the show’s main protagonist
ESL_Final: That we believe that the ending of Bojack Horseman series should have been him dying at the end of ‘The View From Halfway Down’
ESL_Final: That, as Morty, we would sever ties with Rick
Open_Quarter: That, as Melissa, we would reveal the truth to the world
Open_Quarter: This house, as the engines, would unionise and protest against the Fat Controller’s “Really Useful Engine Doctrine”
Open_Quarter: That we believe that Donkey and Puss should have had a relationship, not Donkey and Dragon
Open_Semi: That we regret Netflix remakes of cartoons for adult audiences (eg. Riverdale, Avatar the Last Airbender)
Open_Semi: That Tumblr should unban pornography
Open_Semi: That we support the Hollywood Blockbuster model
Open_Final: That we would prefer prominent authors to write books about utopia, not dystopia
Open_Final: Without having regard to future events of the show, That the protagonists of the 100 were wrong to seek to expose the Primes
Open_Final: That Curtis should destroy the train and end humanity rather than taking control.

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