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Debate training is something you need to do on an ongoing basis. There are several options on how you can be a debater that will win tournaments, these are:

And you should probably choose at least two from the list, joining a debate club will allow you to train your debate skills in real life and of course to go to tournaments. But very often this is not enough, the best debaters are getting extra help, and so should you too.

What is an online debate training course

An online debate course is a mixture of different debate related materials. Because you need different materials, some of them can be video lectures where you listen to an experienced debate coach and learn this way. But this should not be enough, you should also get reading materials that will allow you to learn at your own pace. A great debate training course will also give you homework, specific exercises that you need to do because feedback is the most important part of how you should learn. You need to try everything yourself and then you need to get feedback.

Where can you find an online debate course

There are several, but the best one can be found here.

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