LD private debate coach

Lincoln Douglas debate is really competitive, and if you would like to go and win debates, you should think about getting a private debate coach.

The current topic that is debated is really a hard one, so you should probably start working with an LD debate coach as soon as possible.

Is an online debate coach a good thing?

So many things are done online today, so why should you not get an online debate coach. You should not be limited to using only those people that live around you, you should be able to find the best coach for you. And using an online tool allows you just that. The best debate coaches are those that have LD experience, but that has a lot of other debate experience also. Because they can get the best argument and prop ideas because they know how to generate arguments from different positions.

How does online coaching work?

Don’t worry it generally works the same way as regular coaching. You meet with your coach every week and work on those things that you think are your debate problems.

We use a specialized online video conferencing system that allows us to have a great connection with you and that will allow us to write together and write down notes for your session. Our trainers will talk to you and prepare a specialized training schedule for you. It will be a mix of speeches that you will do, lectures that are important for you and a list of homework assignments that you will receive every week.

This way you will be able to work on the most problematic points for you.

How much does it cost

A specialized Lincoln Douglas debate coach is not cheap, because the coach needs to focus on your debate problems and cannot do hundreds of training per day. The rate for an hour is $100 for the best trainers that we offer. You will, of course, receive an official receipt for the services that you receive.



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