VITDT Round Robin 2020

The debate tournament called “VITDT Round Robin 2020” was held on the 5/17/2020. You can find all the debate topics that were debated in the tournament in this article. If you are looking for the results, please check the category Other debate tournament results.

Here are the motions:

1 This House Would ban the breeding of wild animals for petting programs at zoos
2 This House, as the WWE, would recognize Chris Benoit’s achievements and induct him into the Hall of Fame.
3 This House Supports the US Federal/State governments’ re-opening of their economies
4 In countries with conscription, This House Believes That it is morally legitimate to evade draft
5 This House Believes That the IMF should significantly relax conditions on loans to African countries
Open_Final This House Believes That Imran Khan should pivot away from China and towards India.

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