University of Queensland Australs 2005

Round 1: Justice
That the Indonesian President should pardon Scapelle Corby.
That individuals found guilty of crimes overseas should serve their sentences in their country of origin.
That trial by jury sould be abolished.

Round 2: Gay Rights
That this house would legislate to prevent gays becoming parent.
That we should swash the myth of the ‘lipstick lesbian’.
That the gay rights movement should mourn the emergence of ‘gay-bourhoods’.

Round 3: Environment
That the poverty of people should be a secondary concern to the demise of the environment.
That the decision to uphold the ban on whaling is an act of Western Imperialism.
That this house would charge the CEO of corporations for crimes committed against the environment in the Third World.

Round 4: Popular Culture
That “hip-hop” culture has a harmful effect on non-black communities.
That fringe art should receive no governmental funding.
That this house would allow the production of animated child pornography.

Round 5: Asia
That the ASEAN should take an interventionist stance in separatist conflicts in member states.
That Japan should have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.
That this house supports the call for Gloria’s resignation.

Round 6: The Media
That cheque-book journalism should be banned.
That Microsoft should not help China censor the Internet.
That Holocaust denial should be a crime.

Round 7: Terrorism
That this house would pay for the return of hostages.
That the US should prevent its residents from accessing the Al Jazeera Network.
That this house would establish a permanent international tribunal for trying terrorists.

I’m missing the break motions, if you have them, please post them in the comments! Thanks! P.

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