EUDC 2015 Vienna motions

Round 1: This House pay all elected politicians the median wage in their country.
Round 2: This House believes that when multi-national corporations conduct any business in Western states, these nations should enforce their environmental standards at all stages of production.
Round 3: This House believes that Western states should not use private military contractors in combat.
Round 4: This House would ban any treatment, service or ritual from claiming a physical healing effect until it is tested and proven more effective than a placebo by a national regulator.
Round 5: This House believes that the European Union should lift its arms embargo on China.
Round 6: This House would only allow the media and campaigning organizations to depict or publish information about the deceased in a tragedy with the explicit permission of the family.
Round 7: TH believes that the West should stop all attempts to gather information or intelligence by deception and/or coercion of foreign citizens
Round 8: TH believes that it is legitimate for individuals to punish people they deem to have committed online harassment by revealing their identity online.
Round 9: THW introduce a 100% inheritance tax

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