Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championship 2015 Motions

Test Debate
This house believes that feminists should support the sexual objectification of men

Round 1 (Education)
This house believes that state funding for public schools should be contingent on the performance of their students in standardized tests
This house believes that universities should allow their students to choose the method of assessment (e.g., written test, group project, research paper, etc.) for the subjects/courses that they take
This house celebrates the notion of a “corporate sell out”

Round 2 (Media & Information)
This house believest that media practitioners should publicly disclose their political party affiliations
This house believes that western liberal democracies should compel social networking sites and search engines to actively filter content supporting terrorism
This house, as an academic researcher who is a supporter of a specific political party, would not publish research which contradicts or weakens my party’s policies

Round 3 (Sports)
This house believes that sporting leagues should prevent their clubs from breaching a fixed salary cap
This house would prohibit athletes from expressing their political beliefs at sporting events
This house would require sporting leagues to provide financial support to players after retirement

Round 4 (Geopolitics)
This house celebrates Syriza’s victory
As Turkey, This house would recognize the Armenian Genocide
This house would recognize an independent state of Kurdistan

Round 5 (Economics)
This house believes that the United States should subsidize its domestic oil fracking firms
This house would break up banks which are deemed “too big to fail”
THBT the allies of the United States should revoke their support for the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Round 6 (Social Policy)
THBT all information regarding any individual’s wealth should be publicly available
THBT governments should suppress all research that attempts to create strong artificial intelligence (Info slide: Strong artificial intelligence (strong AI) is the intelligence of an artificial being that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human being can. It is the ability to perform “general intelligent action”. Strong AI is oftentimes distinguished from weak AI (definition: the use of software to study or accomplish specific problem solving or reasoning tasks). Weak AI, in contrast to strong AI, does not attempt to simulate the full range of human cognitive abilities.)
THW abolish the doctrine of jury nullification (Info slide: Jury nullification is a doctrine in criminal law that allows a jury to acquit (i.e., to give a verdict of “not guilty”) a defendant despite its belief that the accused is guilty of the crime charged. The jury in effect nullifies a law that it believes is either immoral or wrongly applied to the defendant whose fate they are charged with deciding.)
Round 7 (Governance and Politics)
TH prefers a prosperous autocracy over a fragile democracy
THW declare a failure of elections based on the low voter turnout of racial minorities
THW require candidates for public office to possess a college degree
Sinag Semifinals (Religion)
THBT the LGBT movement should stop biblical interpretations that portray gays in a positive light
THW compel the Church to compensate Catholics who contract HIV
THBT the Church should excommunicate politicians who are convicted of corruption
Sinag Grand Finals (Philippines)
THW not support the Bangsamoro Basic Law
In developing countries, THW require recent college graduates to work in government for a certain period of time
TH regrets the AFP’s modernization program as a response to Chinese aggression
Octofinals (Development)
THBT all idle land should be returned to the state
THW give veto power to indigenous peoples over resource-extraction ventures
THW ban the advertising of consumer credit products in developing countries
Quarterfinals (Conflict)
THBT it is high time for the United States to abandon all support to Israel
THW require recipients of military and security aid to include women in their armed forces
THBT it is legitimate for states to lie about armed conflicts & humanitarian crises
Semifinals (Gender)
In liberal democracies, THBT the LGBT movement should not respect the choice to remain in the closet
TH, as the feminist movement, would support female politicians who belong to conservative parties
THW ban pro-life protests in the proximity of abortion clinics
Grand Finals (Climate Change)
THBT microfinance institutions should heavily prioritize ventures that have environmentally sustainable business operations
As a developing state, THBT individuals and firms should be subjected to a cap on electricity consumption from non-renewable energy sources
As major polluters, THBT there is a moral obligation to grant automatic citizenship to individuals who will become stateless because of climate change

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