Philippine Debate Open 2013

Motions from the Philipine Debate open in 2013.

Round 1: TH regrets the emphasis on college education
Round 2: THW financially incentivize the transfer of land to women and the purchase of land by women
Round 3: THBT parents and educators should actively encourage children to invest in their physical appearance and attractiveness
Round 4: THBT states should impose a moratorium on natural resource extraction until their economies are diversified
Round 5: TH regrets civil society’s support for the current military takeover in Egypt

Octos: THBT a greater portion of foreign aid contracts and grants should go to locally-based organizations instead of companies from the donor country
Quarters: THW pay teenage girls to not get pregnant
Semis: THW impose a cap on the number of prisoners incarcerated at any given time

Finals: THBT secular states should not allow minority groups to implement their own family law systems

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