Cedar College Debating Championship 2018

Are you looking for the motions that were debated on the Cedar College Debating Championship 2018 ? It was held on the 9/14/2018. If you were there, please check the motions and tell me if anything is wrong. Also, leave a comment and tell us how did you enjoy the tournament.

Here are the motions:

Round 1 motion: This House Believes That political representatives should deliberately seek to achieve the best political outcomes for their own local community or constituency, even at the expense of the national interest.
Round 2: This House prefers bail-ins to bail-outs
Round 3: This House Believes That feminist movements should mobilise masculinity in service of feminist goals (e.g. “real men respect women”) rather than deconstruct it (e.g. raising awareness to the issue of toxic masculinity)
Round 4: This House Believes That India should actively oppose Chinese aggression in Asia
The Open Quarter Final motion: s This House does not regret internet piracy
The Open Semi Final motion: This House Would make rehabilitation the sole criteria for releasing criminals from prison
The Open Final motion: This house, as a member of Pakistan’s Economic Advisory Council, would resign.

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