Monash Australs 2020

The debate tournament called “Monash Australs 2020” was held on the 7/11/2020. You can find all the debate topics that were debated in the tournament in this article. If you are looking for the results, please check the category Other debate tournament results.

Here are the motions:

1 That we regret the norm that doctors should defer to their patients’ wishes, even where doing so is not in those patients’ best interests.
1 That we oppose the medicalisation of learning disabilities.
1 That, as Joe Biden, we would choose to run on a ‘Medicare-for-All’ platform.
2 That the #MeToo movement has failed working class women.
2 That the government should provide incentives for the urban poor to migrate to rural areas.
2 That we support gamification in the workplace.
3 That we regret the ongoing prominence of cricket in postcolonial countries.
3 That we prefer a world where sports are not commercialised
3 That we would abolish the ‘one-year-out’ rule in the NBA.
4 That Palestinians should abandon their claim for statehood and opt for a civil rights struggle instead.
4 That we regret the Trump-Taliban peace deal agreement.
4 That we, as Benny Gantz, regret signing the coalition agreement between Likud and the Blue and White alliance.
5 That we regret the expectation that children should be shielded from all forms of danger.
5 That we would proportionately subsidise (e.g. scholarship and funding) university courses according to the employability of their graduates.
5 That we support a permanent move to online tertiary education.
6 That young people should reject traditionally empowered political parties.
6 That legislative bodies (e.g. parliament, congress, senate, councils) should be formed by sortition democracy.
6 That the Democratic Party should not embrace ‘Never Trump’ Republicans.
7 That we should ban high frequency trading
7 That we should limit the trading of individual shares and derivative products to licensed professionals.
7 That we should ban mortgage-based financial derivatives.
8 That we should ban mergers and acquisitions of mass media companies.
8 That social media companies should aggressively censor offensive and discriminatory content.
8 That we prefer a world where social media networking sites are only available on a paid subscription basis.
EFL_Quarter That the state’s failure to address a pandemic should be considered as a crime against humanity.
EFL_Quarter That criminal trials should continue even when the accused is deceased
EFL_Quarter That the state should pay reparations to individuals convicted in the past for actions that are no longer recognised as a crime.
EFL_Semi That developing countries should prioritise the massive construction of infrastructure over the direct provision of high subsidies and social welfare.
EFL_Semi That we regret the rise of nation-states built around exclusive notions of language, race, and religion.
EFL_Semi That it is illegitimate for states to limit immigration unless there is a clear threat to national security.
EFL_Final That it is morally wrong to use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards socially desirable choices.
EFL_Final That activist movements should embrace cancel culture as a tool to promote social change.
EFL_Final That France should abandon the principle of laïcité.
ESL_Octa That we should abolish literary awards (e.g. the Man Booker Prize, the Nobel Prize for Literature).
ESL_Octa That we regret the stigmatisation of hedonistic lifestyles
ESL_Octa That we support the creation of children’s literature which teaches that people are neither good nor evil.
ESL_Quarter That Non-Western LGBTQ activists should reject sex positivity
ESL_Quarter That we regret the belief that individuals possess defined personality traits.
ESL_Quarter That portrayals of religious deities and prophets in media should receive prior approval from relevant religious authorities.
ESL_Semi That Western companies with a significant number of employees from the Indian diaspora should actively campaign against the caste system.
ESL_Semi That ASEAN should transform itself into a political union
ESL_Semi That, as developing nations, we would prefer to align with China than the United States.
ESL_Final That, as a woman of colour living in a majority-white country, we would embrace, compete in and establish national beauty pageants for women of our ethnic heritage.
ESL_Final That capitalism is incompatible with racial equality
ESL_Final That we, as a Catholic priest, would actively endorse liberal values that do not align with the Catholic Church.
Open_Double That we, as original producers of non-Western films, would deny Hollywood the right to produce remakes, unless a quota for non-Western actors/actresses is guaranteed.
Open_Double That we prefer transformative to curatorial fandom
Open_Double That Disney should remove from circulation cartoons from its history that contain racist caricatures.
Open_Octa That we should stop the practice of requiring community’s approval to build houses of worship.
Open_Octa That, as minorities, we would engage in respectability politics
Open_Octa That we would require companies to use absolute blind recruitment
Open_Quarter That we should allow parents to sell shares in their children’s future income streams.
Open_Quarter That we should reallocate public investment funds from start-ups to traditional small and medium-sized enterprises.
Open_Quarter That the European Central Bank should monetise the government deficits of Eurozone countries experiencing financial crises.
Open_Semi That, in countries where military service is mandatory only for men, as self-proclaimed feminist women, we would actively volunteer in the military.
Open_Semi That we regret narratives that portray human progress as inevitable
Open_Semi That we regret the emphasis placed on individual rights by social justice movements.
Open_Final That we should grant legal personhood to culturally significant features of the natural environment.
Open_Final That we support compassionate conservation
Open_Final That, as environmentalists, we would choose a strategy of working closely with corporations.

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