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If you are really looking to improve your debate skills, a private debate coach could be something that you should consider.

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What is a private debate coach

A private debate coach is a person that has excellent experience in coaching debaters in a specific debate format. He/she should have at least 5 years of coaching experience, the more the better. And if he/she is experienced in different debate formats, the better.

A private debate coach is someone that will work on your debate skills privately one-on-one. It can be done in real life or online if a good debate coach is not available near you. He will test you to see the current knowledge and experience and then work with you on those things that are important for your specific needs.

With a use of a private debate coach, you will learn and grow faster and better than in a debate club. But of course, you want to be a member of a debate club and have a private debate coach on the side.

Can you be really great without a debate coach

Well, this is a complicated question. There are debaters that got to be the best by themselves, but in general, you need and should have a private debate coach if you would like to excel at debate.

The time needed is usually also a question. You can become great just by joining your local debate club, but it will take time and it can take all the time you need and you finish your education before you become good. A private debate coach will allow you to be better faster.

How often should I meet with my debate coach

Again it depends on where you are qith your debate knowledge now and how fast you would like to move. But in general, you should meet at least twice a week for one or two hours. This will allow you to learn really fast.

You can of course meet just once a week, but that will require you to work a lot by yourself. And a lot of students get a bit lazy if they need to work by themselves, so this is why you need a coach to give you excercises and feedback.

How much does private coaching cost

There are different ways on how a private debate coach will charge you for his/her work. Generally, they will time the work and then charge you for every hour that you spend working together. But of course he/she needs to cover also the time that he/she uses for preparation for sessions, so you should agree on a package.

You should try to pay your debate coach fairly because he/she will only do a good job if you pay him/her good.

In general, you can expect the price for a private debate and speech coach to start at $40 an hour and go up to $200 per hour. It all depends on the number of students that will be in one session and the experience of the coach. Of course, some countries are more expensive than others.

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