GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019

This was a debate tournament in the British Parliamentary debate format, the GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 was held (or started on) 2/22/2019. I tried to write down all the motions from all the rounds, but if any of them are missing or are wrong, please contact me and I will change them.

Here are the motions:

Round 1: This House Would ban embedded journalism
Round 2: This House Would publicly televise the execution of death row inmates
Round 3: This House Would actively relocate unemployed people living in areas of high and structural unemployment
Round 4: This House Would provide amnesty to violent political dissidents in exchange for removing their ability to vote or run for public office, e.g. the integration of FARC rebels into Colombia
Novice Final Motion: This House Believes That professionals should have the right to refuse to provide their services based on religous grounds.
Open Quarter Final Motion: This House Would give land grants to women in developing nations
Open Semi Final Motion: s This house, as an upper-middle-class African American, would resettle in Africa.
Open Final Motion: Assuming feasibility, This House Would sacrifice the rich.

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