WSDC 2019 Bangkok motions

Here are the debate motions that were used at the WSDC 2019 that was held in Bangkok Sri Lanka.

The tournament was won by the team from India!

Round 7: This house would reserve seats in parliament for candidates under 30

Quarterfinal: This house supports China’s attempts to become a global dominant power (eg. establishing its own global financial/development institutuins; Increased FDI in Africa, South America, Asia; Increased military spending)

Semi final motion: This house believes that charities and humanitarian aid organization should not use images of graphis suffering in their advertising campaigns.

Grand final: This house regrets the glorification of soldiers as heroes

Video of the Canada vs. USA debate:

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  1. hey im an upcoming debater and would like it if you gave me some pointers on ho to better my skills as a debater

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