WSDC 2009 motions Greece

WSDC 2009 Athens, Greece motions:

Preliminary round prepared motions:
This House would encourage the expanded use of civilian nuclear energy
This House believes that public services are best run by private companies
This House believes that cultural treasures should be returned to their areas of origin
This House would legalise current technologies for choosing human embryos on the basis of their genetic characteristics

Octofinal motion:
That we should have no laws which restrict free speech.

Quarter final motion:
That compensation should be paid for the injustices committed by past generations.

Semi final motion:
That the United States should withdraw from the middle east

Grand final motion:
This House believes that governments should grant amnesties to all illegal immigrants

This list lacks the impromptu motions, but I was not able to find them. If you have them on hand, please leave them in the comments, and I would be glad to add them to the list.

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