WSDC 2018 Croatia and Slovenia

The 2018 WSDC will take place in Croatia. A great team will organise what we know is going to be a great competition. The WSDC 2018 will start with arrivals on the 17th of July and will go till the 27th with the departure dates. We will track all the motions that will be debated on WSDC and the WSDC debate results, so stay tuned! You can find the official website here.

Here are now all the motions from the tournament. I’m missing round 7 if anyone has the information, please let me know.

Round 1: This House would require professional sports teams to be owned by their local communities instead of individuals or corporations
Round 2: This House opposes the development of lethal autonomous weapons; Info slide: lethal autonomous weapons are a type of autonomous military robot designed to select and attack military targets (people or installations) without intervention by a human operator.
Round 3: This House regrets the widespread belief that motherhood is a rewarding experience.
Round 4: This house believes that states should allow all non-citizen migrant workers to vote in local and national elections
Round 5: This House supports a school voucher system
Round 6: This house would not allow sellers and service providers to advertise their products beyond showing information and images that reveal technical product details.
Round 8: This house regrets the rise of call-out culture. Info slide: Call-out culture is a term used to describe the social trend of expressing outrage and publicly shaming people or groups who have said or done things seen as offensive, often against minorities.

Double Octos: This house believes that democratic states should not own or run media organisations
This house prefers a world with no belief in the afterlife.
This House believes that rehabilitation should be the only consideration in criminal sentencing.
Grand Final:
This House believes that the West should end all arms sales and military cooperation with Saudi Arabia

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