International Debate Academy Slovenia 2005

This house believes that China is a threat to international security.
This house believes UN should replace USA in Iraq.
This house believes UN and USA should cooperate when fighting terrorism.
This house supports the admission of Turkey into the EU.
This house supports Chechnya becoming an independent state.
This house supports the 6-parties talks concerning the sitatuation in Northeast Asia.
This house supports that the EU should have an army.
This house would take military measures to stop human rights abuses in Sudan.
This house believes that the USA is the most dangerous terrorist.
This house would stop work on the nuclear enrichment program in Iran.
This house would negotiate with terrorists.
This house would solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
This house believes Taiwan has a right to become an independent country.
This house would stop producing nuclear weapon.
This house would destroy all the nuclear weapons in the world.
This house supports the Kurds.
This house fears Pakistan.
This house believes that UN peacekeeping troops do more harm than good.
This house would close USA military basis in Asia.
This house believes that Africa can secure itself.
This house believes that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is a failure.
This house believes that Latin America should become a demilitarized zone.
This house believes that military participation in efforts to control illegal drugs has been a failure.
This house believes that all nations should adopt a no first use policy for nuclear weapons.
This house would develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.
This house believes that nuclear electrical power is a security danger.
This house believes that open borders can be a significant threat to international security.
This house would demilitarize space.
This house would make the United Nations responsible for outer space security and development.
This house would not allow human settlement of the moon.
This house believes that the more we venture into outer space the more secure Earth becomes.
This house believes that current security measures have not made airline travel more secure.
This house believes that those who would sacrifice liberty for security

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