2019 Athens EUDC

1THBT Greece should introduce significant financial incentives for companies and individuals currently based in Athens* to relocate to other Greek cities *Over a third of the Greek population lives in Athens.
2THBT it is in the interest of the Chinese Communist Party to cease attempts to infringe on “One Country, Two Systems” in Hong Kong, rather than continuing its current approach.
3THW encourage women to be selfish
4THBT it is in the interest of dominant organised religions for their leaders to declare more progressive interpretations of traditional dogma* *e.g. on dietary and pilgrimage requirements, the acceptability of contraception, same-sex relationships
5THBT consumers should predominantly aim to buy locally produced goods and services
6THW break up DisneyThe Walt Disney Company owns Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, ABC and dozens of other studios, media networks, amusement parks and merchandising rights.
7THBT schools should teach children to be skeptical of parental authority
8In circumstances where a unanimous decision is currently required, THP majority voting as the European Council’s decision-making approachIn matters of high sensitivity and complexity, the European Council requires unanimous decision-making. These matters include, but are not limited to foreign policy decisions, granting new rights to EU citizens and suspending the rights of current member states.
9THW make police commanders personally criminally liable for instances of police brutality committed by their subordinates
ESL_QuartersIn situations where deliberate economic policies by another state have caused substantial economic harms, THBT international law should recognise that military retaliation can be justifiedSubstantial economic harms: e.g. restricting access to important trade routes on straits, aggressively increasing the price of vital commodities, limiting access to strategic resources
ESL_SemisTHBT the US Democratic Party should prioritise employment issues, even at the expense of significant harms to the environment.
ESL_FinalsTH Opposes the Defining Decade normThe ‘Defining Decade’ is a cultural norm which urges young adults to persistently pursue life goals, even at the expense of significantly neglecting immediate desires. As part of this approach it is common to seek to maximise educational value from most activities, seek more responsibility at work, seek instrumental value from social relationships, and stigmatise idle time.
Open_OctosTHBT local governments in developing countries should allocate significant portions of their budget via Participatory BudgetingParticipatory Budgeting is a process in which ordinary civilians decide how to allocate part of a municipal or local public budget. Citizens propose and prioritise spending projects within a predefined amount of funding, and the government is bound by the decisions they made, e.g. local transportation projects, subsidies and educational and cultural programs.
Open_QuartersTHBT it is in the interest of the Kremlin to take measures to reduce Russian dependency of China (e.g. limit the selling of raw materials to China, reduce the share of Yuan in Russia’s currency reserves, not allowing Chinese companies to develop strategic infrastructure such as 5G in Russia)
Open_SemisTHBT communities that have been victims of atrocities should emphasise the narrative of the ‘banality of evil’ when interpreting those atrocitiesThe concept of the ‘banality of evil’ claims that great acts of evil can be committed by ordinary individuals within a bureaucracy. Under this theory, most perpetrators of great evil are ordinary people, with no motive for their actions other than promoting their own advancement in the system.
Open_FinalTHBT the Greek government should have rejected the 2015 bailout deal and sought to negotiate further concessions, even at the risk of not receiving a bailout.
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