2016 Warsaw EUDC

1TH regrets the rise of social media as a primary source of news distribution
2TH supports Barack Obama’s statements that emphasise African- Americans taking individual responsibility for improving their own position in life
3THW create state-run centres where individuals can purchase and consume psychedelic* drugs *drugs whose primary effect is to alter cognition and perception e.g. LSD and Magic Mushrooms
4TH supports strong government intervention to prevent gentrification* *process when significant numbers of wealthier people move to a poor area
5THBT the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra should regularly play the works of Richard WagnerRichard Wagner was a 19th century anti-semitic German composer. His music was favoured by the Nazis and played at the Nuremburg rallies, and reportedly at Nazi death camps. When Wagner’s music was played in Israel, it lead to protests and it remains controversial. Motion: THB
6TH regrets the mass commercialisation of football
7TH supports Sanctuary Cities in the United StatesA ‘sanctuary city’, for example San Francisco, does not allow police or city employees (e.g. educators, social, and healthcare workers), to inquite about an individual’s immigration status. These cities do not co-operate with the federal government’s controls on illegal immigrants. Motion: TH
8THBT Latin American states should provide extensive material support for a military coup against the Venezualan government
9THBT the European Union should fund satirical* publications in its member states that target far-right political parties * the use of humour and exaggeration to criticize
ESL_QuartersTHBT Western States should fund the spread of atheism in Iraq through provision of education, health care and welfare
ESL_SemisTH regrets the safe space movement’s attempts to significantly limit speech on university campusesThe growing safe space movement has used both social pressure and direct action to achieve its aims. These include, but are not limited to banning certain speakers, and limiting exposure to controversial, and potentially triggering topics. Motion: TH
ESL_FinalTHBT western nations should support breakaway states in former Soviet Union (e.g. East Ukraine or South Ossetia) after free and fair referendum.
Open_Partial_OctosTH supports BRICS* countries creating alternatives to the current international economic institutions (i.e. the IMF, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organisation) * Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
Open_QuartersTHW require the economic policies of political parties to be approved by an independent panel of experts before being used in campaigns
Open_SemisTH supports Iran’s extension of the Sharia principle of “an eye for an eye” to the victims of acid attacksRecently there has been a high number of acid attacks against women, either due to personal feuds or for their non-conformity to Islamic values. / Iranian courts that are governed by Sharia law ruled that victims have the right to choose to blind their attacker by putting acid in their eye(s). Motion: TH
Open_FinalTHW nationalize and provide public access to the Metadata being gathered by online multinational companies.
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