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WSDC or the Worlds Schools Debate Championship debate format is the official format for the biggest and the most important High School debate tournament WSDC that is organized every year in a different country. You can check out debate motions that were debated in the previous years here.

Every member country can send one team to the tournament, so being a part of the WSDC team for your country is a big honor and a big responsibility. Students that are invited to be a member need to have great English skills, extensive content knowledge and they need to be prepared to work hard in the time to prepare for the tournament.

Do you need a private WSDC Coach

The competition to be a part of the national WSDC team is fierce and most of the members usually have private coaches that help them to achieve the level of knowledge in debate that is needed to be a member and to do well at the tournament. IF you are selected to be a part of the team you, of course, need to show great abilities on the tournament and will as many debates as possible

How does it work

When you decide on a private coach for WSDC you will meet with your coach once a week. We are using technology that will allow you to talk via video conference to your debate trainer.  You will prepare a speech in advance, and present that speech in front of your trainer. Then you receive feedback, as you do in other debates so that you know what and how to improve.

You will receive homework that you need to finish until the next week. Also, when needed, your coach will change the workshop and give you lectures in the specific areas that you need to improve in. So if you lack in motion analysis, you will have a lecture prepared only for you on motion analysis.

Every lecture is prepared specifically for you and your debate needs.

Who is going to be my coach

Email us at [email protected] and we will assign a coach to you that we feel will work the best with you. We have a list of coaches that we work with, all of them have an extensive background in WSDC debate. Our coaches are preparing national WSDC teams for different countries for years. They have lectured at different international debate academies and worked in the field for years.

You will be able to change your coach if you feel that working with the chosen person is not what you expected, but this is usually not a problem.

Price for private debate coaching

We would like to be transparent and forthcoming with our pricing so we are pricing all our coaches the same price. You can switch coaches if needed and still keep the same pricing, and of course all our coaches have great experience in coaching, so the quality is almost the same.

You will pay $ 100 (TAX included) per hour working with one of our professional coaches.

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