WUDC / BP private debate coach

The British parliamentary debate format is used at the Worlds Universities Debating Championship and is because of that sometimes also called the WUDC debate format. If you are interested to read more about the format, read it here.

Do you need a private BP debate coach

The best debaters come from two backgrounds, they can either be older (Ph.D. candidates are also students and allowed to debate) or they can be extremely good debaters and most of them have some sort of private debate coaching. So if you would like to compete at the top level, you should probably get a private BP coach that will help you with your argumentation, your presentation and organization, and other debate skills.

You should also get a debate coach so that you have someone that will work with you one on one every week. Your debate meeting is a great start for you, but you probably don’t get all the attention that you should, there are other debaters there that get some of the attention. And you should continue going to your debate meeting, work with other debaters and your debate partner, but if you want to get ahead quicker, you need a private debate coach in British parliamentary.

How does private coaching look like

Your private coach will meet with you every week and will work with you via an online video conference. He/she will prepare a coaching plan that will be prepared specifically for you and your needs and you will receive lectures, when and if needed directly for you.

You will receive homework to prepare, and that can be either research on a specific topic, argumentation on a specific debate topic/motion, a speech you need to prepare or additional training that you need to do. A good coach will tell you that you need to do an exercise, record yourself and send the recording, and then you will get the results of the analysis that he will do for you on your next session.

Yes, I want a debate coach

Nothing easier than that. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will reply with a specific proposal for your debate coach.


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3 thoughts on “WUDC / BP private debate coach

  1. hello, my name is chigozi and i just finished college. i haven’t really heard of bp’s style of debate until now, and am really interested and ready to learn if i could only get a tutor. i promise to be very attentive and yield good result before the competition that i will be attending.
    please i need your help. i will be very thankful for the help and i will recommend my friends to you.

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