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I was thinking about how to prepare for the upcoming Euros in Tallinn and got to the conclusion that doing more and more debates, as we did in the past is not going to give me all the results that I would like to see until I get to Tallinn.

I spoke to different important and successful debaters in the past and got ideas what else I can do to prepare. The most interesting thing I heard was probably two guys (of course I forgot their names) got together for a beer or two every week and prepared for different motions while drinking beer. This could work for me but on the other hand I really can not stop on the one beer, so being an alcoholic after the EUDC is not one of the benefits from the prep that I would like to see.

But still it is the best idea what to do next to read all the things that you can find, but this is a thing that you should be doing all the time. As people say, the prep for a tournament starts a couple of years before it. But we are too late for that, I'm as smart as I am.

So I'll be preping for debate motions that I expect to see on the WUDC. For the start I believe that preping all the motions from past years WUDC's and EUDC's will be enough. And then using motions from other debate tournaments (well, that's why I made this website in the first place 😉 ).

So why does the topic of this article say "help the community?". Well I believe that if we share ideas, we all get smarter a bit. So if you are going to do similar stuff to prepare for EUDC or any other debate tournament, I would be really glad if you send me the ideas that you get. If you would like to stay anonymous for any reason, I won't list your name, but I would like to thank you for your contribution by posting your name at the end of the article.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] with questions or ideas.

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