Funny debate topics for your debates

If you are a debate coach or a debate mentor that organises debate tournaments or debate trainings, you always need new debate topics. And of course some of them need to be funny debate topics, so that people have at least one of the rounds some fun.

Finding debate topics for your next training debate can be hard, this is why I’m using all my history as a debate organizer to get together all the debate topics that were used on different debate tournaments.

This is a big list of funny debate topics.

  • Should everyone on earth get 3 wishes at the same time?
  • Are cats better than dog?
  • Santa Claus is EVIL
  • Pizza or pasta
  • Pizza in a square is better than pizza in a triangle
  • 15 minutes of fame or staying behind the scenes?
  • American Idol vs. The X Factor
  • Bon Jovi vs. The Rock for president
  • Why Friends is better than How I Met Your Mother
  • Going out or Netflix and chill?
  • Best Star Wars character
  • Does age really matter in a relationship?
  • Men gossip more than women
  • Why students should receive their letter from Hogwarts
  • What pizza toppings are the best?
  • What’s important: beauty vs. brains?
  • Medicine vs. Engineering
  • What do women really want in a man?
  • Why Coke is better than Pepsi
  • Would you rather be the hero or the sidekick?
  • Is everything fair in love and war?
  • Instagram famous vs. Twitter famous?
  • Twilight vs. The Vampire Diaries
  • Can you be best buds with your boss?
  • Should humans eat to live or live to eat?
  • Are school uniforms even necessary?
  • Is social media just making it easier for people to stalk others?
  • Rock n Roll music or Hip Hop?
  • Bottled water vs. Regular water: What’s the fuss?
  • Does Batman make a good male role model?
  • Cats vs. Dogs
  • Why fish make the ultimate pets
  • Santa Clause vs. the Easter bunny
  • Oatmeal cookies vs. raisin cookies
  • Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja?
  • Who are likely to be more successful: introverts or extroverts?
  • Why homework should be abolished from the school system
  • Which is better: night dreaming or daydreaming?
  • Why nursery rhymes are actually quite twisted
  • Does playing video games actually increase IQ levels?
  • America accent vs. British accent
  • Which Football is the real Football? The game they play all over the world or the game played in the USA & Canada?
  • Who is guilty of harassment. Wyle E. Coyote or The Road Runner?
  • Is being politically correct the end of civilization as we know it?
  • Should teachers too have a uniform in schools?
  • If Harry Potter magic was real, should it be legalized?
  • Santa’s elves ought to be paid minimum wage
  • Santa Claus should get a makeover
  • The classic Egg Nog is better than Hot chocolate
  • Marvel is better than DC
  • This debate should make America great again.
  • Cycling is better than skiing.
  • Wonder Woman is better looking than Batman.

Do these fun debate topics make for funny debates? Or for good debates?

Well, this one is hard. People sometimes see an “easy” or “fun” topic and do less prep. They see sex education and get too excited.

They don’t prepare as they would for a hard topic and then we get bad debates. Because if you don’t have any arguments, you can’t really be funny. So proceed with caution.

debate audience laughing

But of course, it is usually a good idea to have at least one light motion on your tournament, because people have to work hard all the time and need some relaxation.

If you are looking for other debate motions, check out my list of best debate motions here.

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  1. My name is murutabanzi Gabriel, Rwandan by nationality. While i was visiting your website, i really praised YOUR kind collaboration.

  2. So funny! I fell off of the couch laughing. Hahahahaahahahahaha. So cool. Pizza is way better then pasta! Hasta la pasta!!

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