Cosmetics Regulatory Consultants for European Markets

EU cosmetics regulation is a law that was published in December of 2009 that affected all companies that manufacture or import into the European Union. The law came into force on January 11, 2010. This law implies that all the cosmetic products that meet the requirements of the Regulation can move freely across the European Union market having instant and equal access to it.

The core feature of this law is that a company or a person who launches the product to the market takes responsibility for it ensuring that it meets the requirements of Cosmetics Regulation. It’s a so-called “Responsible person”. Cosmetics regulations control every stage of the lifespan of the product from the selection of ingredients to placing the cosmetic product on the market. More info on responsible person here.

With 2009 cosmetics legislation, Europe has simplified the adoption of this law. When the legal form was changed from Directive to a Regulation, it cancelled the need of transposition of the EU legal text into national legislation of Member States. In simple terms, it became an active law for all the Member States instead of a number of separate ones applicable to a particular government.

Cosmetics Regulatory Consultant Will Help You Get Through.

Just like any other law, EU Cosmetics Regulation is a complicated directory with multiple details and a number of specific parts and points that may be slightly difficult for a non-expert person to understand. Since 2009, some more points were added to it putting some bans that had been mentioned but not worked through into effect. Besides, there are particular steps that a potential cosmetics manufacturer should thoroughly follow in order to qualify for manufacturing or importing the product into the EU market.

All these complications lead to a conclusion that when one is opening a new cosmetics line and planning to manufacture and sell the product, they might need some additional assistance from the experts who know all the pitfalls of the law and how to properly deal with them.
CEway is a company of choice in this situation. Every cosmetic regulatory consultant in the team is an expert in their field and guarantee that you receive a professional, full-scope and useful service. If you struggle placing your product to the market, they will make the process easy and clear for you.

Cosmetics regulatory consultants at CEway provide a wide range of services including testing and regulatory service together with Responsible person services. With their knowledge and expertise, they make the Regulation requirements for you simple and easy to understand.

You also don’t have to worry about spending too much time and effort because with CEway you can have the matter resolved at any time you find convenient. Their hours are flexible, and consultancy is available to you even on the weekends. You won’t need to visit multiple establishments as at CEway you will receive a full range of services or exactly the one service that you need to make your way to the European market.

Therefore, if you are ready to join the big game on the market, let the most reliable cosmetics regulatory consultant company help you get there and become great. For more information visit their website at

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