European University Debate Championship Durham 2004


Grand Final motion
This House believes that elected politicians should not be allowed to own media companies
ESL Final motion
This House would ban international adoption
Semi Finals motion
This House believes that a foetus harmed in a criminal attack on its mother should be considered a victim of crime in its own right
ESL Semi Finals motion
This House believes that junk food companies should not be allowed to sponsor sporting events
Quarter Finals motion
This House supports compulsory HIV testing for immigrants

Preliminary Round Motions
This house believes that any EU Constitution should contain reference to Europe’s Christian heritage
This house would ban the production for road use of cars capable of driving over 160kph/100mph
This house believes that post-war reconstruction contracts should be restricted to companies from countries which supported the war
This house would legalise consensual cannibalism
This house would not allow embedded journalists attached to military units in warzones
This house believes that governments should insist that the software they use is open-source
This house believes that the military targeting of any place of worship is a crime against humanity

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