Buddle Findlay Vic Australs 2006

Debate motions from the debate tournament Australs 2006 in Buddle Findlay Vic

Adjudication test
That we should uphold the right of Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Women’s debate
That we should have quotas for the number of women in national parliaments.

Round 1
That media should be able to freely report suicides.
That we should ban all advertising during children’s television programming.
That we should ban the publication of political party support polls.

Round 2
That ASEAN should sign a free trade agreement now.
That we should disband the WTO.
That China should move to float its currency.

Round 3
That we should boycott developing countries that nationalize their oil companies.
That we should support net oil-importing developing nations in building nuclear power plants.
That governments should issue tradable quotas for air travel.

Round 4
That the micro-states of the Pacific should federate.
That Australia and New Zealand should actively uphold the result of the democratic process in Fiji.
That New Zealand should become a state of Australia.

Round 5
That all schools should have comprehensive sex education classes.
That we should require large companies in AustralAsia to provide comprehensive healthcare for employees.
That Catholic medical providers should be forced to provide preventative and emergency contraception.

Round 6
That Pakistan should close its Madrassas.
That Jerusalem should become a UN protectorate.
That we should transfer military resources from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Round 7
That we should abolish detention without trial for suspected terrorists.
That we should abolish the imposition of custodial sentences on young offenders.
That civilian victims of the war on terror should be compensated.

Octo Finals
That players and fans should be able to participate in ambush marketing activities.
That iTunes music should be downloadable to any device.
That we should force pornography websites to move to a .xxx internet domain.

ESL Semi-Finals
That we should publish cartoons of religious figures.
That sporting boycotts are a legitimate tool of foreign policy.
That convicted criminals should be banned from running for public office in Asia.

Quarter Finals
That corporations should be held responsible for abuses committed by their contracted service providers.
That the compensation of all executives should be pegged to the average wage of that company’s workers.
That we should require companies to donate 5% of their annual revenue to charitable causes to be eligible for government contracts.

Semi Finals
That Australia should compromise the legal protections of asylum seekers to appease Indonesia.
That East Asia should adopt a common history textbook.
That politicians must relinquish all control over family-owned assets to global investment banks.

ESL Final
That we should end affirmative action in Malaysia.
That governments should fund development aid and not disaster relief.
That we would introduce hard labour for criminals in the developed world.

That we should criminalise the payment of dowry.
That it should be legitimate to use aid to buy votes in international organisations.
That China should allow the internal free movement of labour.

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