Things to know the next time you rent a car

UK citizens need to be aware of an additional requirement when renting a car. IF you are going on a debate tournament and are renting a car in the UK or in other countries, you will be usually required to show your DVLA code.

A DVLA code is a way for the rent-a-car company to check your driver’s background. They receive mandatory information about your past driving and about the accidents that you might have been involved in. They need this to insure your rent-a-car travel.

So, before you go to your agency, you need to get this code. It is pretty easy to get it, you can find great instructions on the DVLA code here.

And if you are traveling to a foreign country and plan to drive there, check out if you need an international drivers license. They are required in some countries and optional in some countries. It will be interesting how it changes once the UK exits the EU. In general, you won’t have problems without, but sometimes, some policemen can be problematic. They can require you to have an IDP, and if you don’t have it, you can get fined.

Check what countries require you to have an IDP on this webpage.

If you are traveling to EU countries you should be ok, till the UK is a part of the EU. But no one know what will happen later. If you figure out that you do need one, you will have to go to your local post office and get an IDP there.

And, please don’t forget. Always start early enough, so that you won’t be late for your debate tournament. There is nothing worse for the TAB room than to have teams who are late.

No drinking while driving. I know that when you travel to different countries, you might feel that a more relaxed moral stance is allowed. And this might be true, but some things are set in stone. Alcohol behind the wheel kills people. This one is true everywhere and all the time. So please respect it.

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