How to rent a car when going to a debate tournament

It does not matter what country you come from, we all travel often to different debate tournaments in our own countries or in foreign countries. I have had excelent road trips with my debate team mates and trainers, and am still looking forward to them when we go.

Of course very often we need to rent a car. We have done it in the past because we did not really have good cars that would take us to tournaments. Today when we do it, we do it to rent bigger cars (like busses or just bigger cars) so that we all fit in the car nad don’t need to squeeze.

It can be expensive, this is true, but I had great experience with one Rent-a-car website, where I can always find cheap vehicle-rent. And they rent out in every country in the world. This means that whenever I travel to anywhere in the world (like WUDC I was in Botswana or just when I traveled to EUDC in Amsterdam) I was able to rent with them.

And I was really surprised of the quality that I received. I rented out a Kia SEED and it was a great car. I drowe it for around 1200 kilometers (To Amsterdam) and than back and it drowe great. Also, I was able to test the car on the German Autobahns, where there is no speed limit, so I was able to go as fast as the car would go. And it would go fast. A bit too fast for the people that drove with me, so I had to take it easy. Girls got scared 😀

Because they compare prices from all the different rent-a-car companies, they are able to give you the best price, and you don’t need to shop around to find a good deal. They will show different companies that you can rent from and different car categories that you can rent from and when comparing all them you can see that you get the best price and quality car. And if you even take insurance from them, this can be even better, because you can know that they won’t scam you for insurance like some other vehicle rent companies would do. You have a phone number that you can call and complain when something is not right, this also helps.

And not only me, other people have great experiences with them, just look at this page with vehicle rent reviews. And I’ve left them great reviews too, not that I had any bad experience and I rented with them all around the world.

So, debaters whenever you go and look for a debate rental for a debate tournament, don’t hasitate to go and rent from this company. I know they are great.

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