The debate motions from the NALSAR IV, held in 2013.

Round 1: THW impose a tax on meat consumption.
Round 2: THW not disclose the identity of suspects of crimes until proven guilty.
Round 3: This house, as Barack Obama, who personally believes in protecting whistleblowers, would secretly help Edward Snowden using his own resources and not as the President of the United States.
Round 4: THW allow the purchase of private property in outer space and on various celestial bodies. (Infoslide: There already exists a company selling property on the moon; UN Conventions are ambiguously worded in not prohibiting such acts; there have been disputes over recognizing the legitimacy of such purchases)
Round 5: THW censor films that objectify women.

Novice Semis: THW teach gender neutral pronouns in primary school.
Novice finals: THBT India should adopt nuclear power as its primary source of energy.

Quarter Finals: THBT academic journals should accept and publish 50% of its articles from women.
Semifinals: THW not recognize any more religions than it already has.
Finals: TH celebrates the rise of China as a hegemon.

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