Great Serdang Debate 2008

Round 1 – Prisons and Prisoners
Taht Prisoners should be allowed to vote
That we should privatize prisons
That we should revoke the possibility of parole for sex offenders

Round 2 – The gender
That we should legalize abortion
That aid should be conditional to the development of women’s right

Round 3 – Economics
That trading blocs are better than global free trade
That WTO should enforce fair trade instead of free trade
That we should prioritize food security over bio-fuel

Round 4 – The underaged
That voting should start at age 16
That pregnant students should be allowed to take maternity leaves
That parental consent is not needed for teenagers seeking abortion

Round 5 – feeling suicidal
That suicide should be decriminalized
That websites facilitating suicide should be banned
That parents of children that commited suicide should be subjected to a negligence inquiry

Quarterfinals – Democracy
That state owned media should not exist
That democracies should allow citizen-initiated referendums
That opinion polls distort the democratic process

Semifinal – Education
That parents should be allowed to teach their children at home
That education vouchers are necessary to create better schools
That state should provide free and compulsory nursery education for all children

Final – Medical Ethics
That doctors should be compelled to report instances of domestic violence.

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