Roosevelt Open 2018

Are you looking for the motions that were debated on the Roosevelt Open 2018 ? It was held on the 10/13/2018. If you were there, please check the motions and tell me if anything is wrong. Also, leave a comment and tell us how did you enjoy the tournament.

Here are the motions:

Round 1 motion: This House Supports an Opinio System of Education
Round 2: This House Supports recall elections for national leaders (i.e. presidents, prime:ministers, ministers)
Round 3: This House as the EU would significantly increase sanctions on Russia as opposed to lifting them
Round 4: This House Believes That parents should teach morality to their underage children through religious context (e.g. “it is a sin to lie”; “help thy neighbor” etc.)
Round 5: This House Would allow workers to sell their rights in exchange for higher pay (e.g. healThis House and safety protections, right to maternity/paternity leave etc.)
The Open Quarter Final motion: s THO rise of social media influencers
The Open Semi Final motion: This House Believes That music streaming services (e.g. Spotify, Apple etc.) do more harm than good
The Open Final motion: Given the choice, This House Believes That US Supreme Court Justices should be elected by a vote among federal judges rather than a popular vote

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