PIDC 2009 Motions

Debate motions from the Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championship in 2009

Elimination Rounds:

Round 1: Gender

· THBT gay rights movements should compel openly gay celebrities to actively support their causes
· THBT feminist politics must transition from the halls of Congress to the bedroom
· THBT Muslim universities should grant professional subsidies to feminist scholars living in radically conservative Muslim states.

Round 2: Europa

· THW ban the ownership of multiple properties in land strapped European countries
· THBT it is justified for EU countries with bailout responsibilities to excuse themselves with financial commitments to the union
· THBT the European Union should subsidize rehabilitation clinics for computer addicts

Round 3: Culpability

· THBT sober passengers of a drunk driver should be held criminally liable
· THW punish bystanders of a crime
· THW allow witnesses of gruesome murders to claim emotional damages against the criminal

Round 4: Environment

· TH celebrates the use of emotional blackmail as part of environmental strategies
· THBT Earth Hour is a meaningless, faddish, exercise
· THW make waste-disposal a mandatory requirement for free trade agreements

Round 5: Print Media

· THBT print media is dead
· THW ban government officials from obtaining board positions in print media
· THW require print media to grant criticized individuals compulsory reply space

Round 6: Pop Culture

· THW remove the foreign films category in the Academy Awards
· TH regrets the rise of vegetarianism
· THW shut down the World Wrestling Entertainment for good

Round 7: Geopolitics

· THBT China should revise its amoral foreign policy by sanctioning North Korea
· TH regrets Obama’s stance of reducing investments for foreign policy initiatives
· THBT it’s time to grant statehood to Taiwan

Break Rounds

Octofinals: Local Headlines

· THB in extending the land distribution program
· TH overreacted Chip Tsao
· THBT it is time to shut the doors on visiting forces

Quarterfinals: Rights

· THW lift the moratorium on blood donations for men who have sex with men
· THBT parents who are minors should be allowed to retain custody of their offspring
· TH supports the preferential disclosure of sexual harassment issues to religious leaders over state authorities within some religious communities

Semi-finals: Football

· TH regrets the recruitment of Third World football players by European football clubs
· TH celebrates players walking-off the field in response to racist crowd hooliganism
· THBT all players should donate majority of their advertising revenue to league development of the clubs they play for

Finals: Education

· TH celebrates the rise of political activism among students in public universities
· THW accommodate student-teacher relationships among consenting adults in universities
· THB in mandatory sex education in all religious schools


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