PIDC 2008 motions

* THBT the State should ban all private schools from sanctioning students who exhibit homosexual behavior.
* THW allow Universities to allot slots for the admission of children of alumni.
* TH supports the right of private elementary schools to require pre-school education for grade one applicant.

* THBT America should welcome Iran’s involvement in Iraq.
* THW lift U.S. sanction in Cuba.
* THBT U.S should not support the entry of former Soviet States into the NATO.

* The government should stop funding research searching for the gene for autism.
* TH supports the parent’s right to avail of medical procedure infantalizing their disabled children by inhibiting their physical growth.
* THW abolish employment quotas for the disabled.

* THW abolish the MMDA.
* THBT the Sangguniang Kabataan is irrelevant today’s youth.
* THBT instead of being a political appointee, the Ombudsman should be elected by the people.

Round 5
* TH celebrates the role of organized religion in attaining equality.
* THBT the Dali Lama should cede control of Tibet to China.
* TH would remove restrictions on campaign donations made by religious organizations.

* THBT the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Plan has served the interests of the Filipino farmers.
* THW end the conservation of the indigenous lands.
* The developing world should prioritize food security.

* THBT Independent Filmmakers should welcome the piracy of their work.
* THBT authors of commercial spin-offs of copyrighted literature should not be made to pay royalties to the authors.
* THBT sponsors of commissioned art should have the right to alter the final work even without the consent of the paid artist.

Octofinal Round
* TH regrets the joint seismic marine undertaking at the Spratlys.
* THBT democratization should not be a goal of Western Foreign Policy.
* THW prioritize citizens of former colonies in admitting guest workers.

Quarterfinal Round
* TH regrets formal and informal rules restricting sexual and romantic relationship in the workplace.
* TH celebrates the rise of easily accessible and non-commercial on-line amateur porn.
* THBT States should give married individuals the option to have multiple legal spouses.

Semi-final Round
* THBT the leftist populist revolution in Latin America has failed.
* THBT post modern feminists have betrayed their sisters in the third world.
* THBT the culture of privileging formal education has broadened inequality in the developing world.

Grandfinal Round
* TH celebrates Philippine historical attachment in former colonial masters.
* THBT the mass emigration of workers has eroded Philippine Nationalism.
* THBT the hold of the elite in the Philippine governance has strengthened democracy.



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