Pan American UDC 2014

The motions from the Pan American Univesity Debating Championships. Motions are both in english and spanish. Follow Tuna on twitter, all motions and nothing else with his twitter account. I will update this article with other motions, when they are announced, so come back for more.

Round 1: This House would promote nudist beaches.

Round 2: This house would prohibit granting immunity to criminals in exchange for their testimony.

Round 3: This house would prefer to prosecute the clients rather than the prostitutes

Round 4: This house believes that all corporations should become workers cooperatives.

Round 5: This house believes that Iran should not have been excluded from current Geneva negotiations about peace in Syria.
Round 5: – EC cree que Iran no debio haber sido excluida de las actuales negociaciones de paz para Siria.

Round 6: This House regrets that China obtained a concession for controlling the navigation of ships through the interoceanic canal it is constructing in Nicaragua
Round 6: deplora que a China se le haya otorgado una concesion para controlar la navegacion de barcos en el canal interoceanico que construira en Nicaragua.

Quarter motion: THB that Puerto Rico should be independent.

Semifinal motion: THBT it was morally wrong for the USA to deliberately kill Osama Bin Laden

Final motion: THW approve Spanish language as one of the official languages in all USA jurisdictions in which large Spanish speaking populations live.

I have collected different tweets and motions from the tournament here:

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