NTU Debate Online Open

The debate tournament called “NTU Debate Online Open” was held on the 6/13/2020. You can find all the debate topics that were debated in the tournament in this article. If you are looking for the results, please check the category Other debate tournament results.

Here are the motions:

1 TH, as the CCP, would publicly acknowledge their errors in their managing of COVID-19 & the creation of a pandemic, and agree to reasonable measures of assistance & compensation to the global community.
2 TH, in times of economic crisis, would ease bank capital adequacy requirements
3 THBT Indian feminist movement movements should adopt Lakshmi as a symbol of the movement rather than Kali
4 THW allow “religious duty” as a mitigating defense for crimes
Open_Quarters THR the rise of ideological purity policing
Open_Semi THBT it is in the interest of the Aam Aadmi Party to join in a coalition with the Indian National Congress before contesting in the next general election.
Open_Final THBT ASEAN should abandon the China-ASEAN South China Sea Code of Conduct negotiations

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