Nottingham Trent Open 2018

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Are you looking for the motions that were debated on the Nottingham Trent Open 2018 ? It was held on the 4/28/2018. If you were there, please check the motions and tell me if anything is wrong. Also, leave a comment and tell us how did you enjoy the tournament.

Here are the motions:

Round 1 motion: This House Would take the Blue Pill (to forget)
Round 2: This House believes that the rise in illegal downloading and streaming services has been beneficial to the world of music.
Round 3: This House believes that the Poor of the Developed World are entitled to vote for policies which protect their own economic interests at the expense of those of the Global Poor.
Round 4: This House would make having a women‘s football team a requirement for playing in the English premier league (EPL).
The Open Final motion: Supposing feasibility, This House Supports the establishment of a Queer Republic

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