Koc 2008 motions

Webmaster: This were interesting motions, I just ask myself, if the 2nd round motion is not a SQ motion? I recall a couple of incidents in Slovenija, where teams have been punished for what their fans have done (like destroying stuff or attacking the opposite team’s fans)… But its sport, what do I know about it..

1st Round    THW suspend welfare payments to drug addicts.   
2nd Round    THW punish sports teams for violence perpetrated by their fans   
3rd Round    THW ban the digital enhancement of images of people in advertising and magazines.   
4th Round    THW impose economic sanctions on Israel until it ends its nuclear program   
5th Round    THW seize the personal assets of company directors whose companies file for bankruptcy or are bailed out by the government   
6th Round    THW place on no restriction on the owning of the firearms   
Semi    THW suspend Italy’s EU membership due for its treatment for the Roman
Final    THW ban the killing animals for food
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