Heart of Europe 2013 Motions

Round 1 – THBT the role of the Roman Catholic Church since 1945 in the world diplomacy has been overwhelmingly negative
Round 2 – THBT with the ending of the Warsaw Pact there is no further justification for the existence of NATO
Round 3 – SPORT
1) THW pardon all sportsmen found guilty of using performance enhancement drugs
2) THW pay professional sportsmen as much as university professors
3) THW Ban Sports that involve killing animals
Round 4 – Culture
1) THBT modern art may be modern but is rarely art
2) THBT the Beetles have contributed more to society than Beethoven
3) THW stop state funding of the arts
Round 5
THW stop public funding of space exploration
Round 6
THBT war causes more problems than it solves
Round 7 – Education
1) TH Prefers single-sex schools to co-educational schools
2) THW require all new teacher graduates from developed countries to work in the developing world for a period of twelve months.
3) THBT nationalism has no place in the school curriculum
Round 8 – Politics and Economics
1) THS Free Trade to the developing world
2) THBT there is no place for monarchy in a democratic country
3) This house believes that corrupt democracy is better than dictatorship
Open final – Environment
1) THBT there is no future without nuclear energy
2) THW rather use its resources to adapt to climate change than to prevent it
3) THW Mandate recycling Programs in developing countries
Quarter Final  -International relations
1) THBT Tibet should be recognized as an independent state
2) THBT America has done more harm than good since 1945
3) THBT the ICC should have the authority to investigate and prosecute any cases
Semi Final – Religion Morality Ethics
1) THW not use medically scarce resources on terminally ill patients
2) THBT multiculturalism has failed
3) THBT religion should have a place in public education

THBT in the long run there is no hope to save Euro without a Federal Europe.

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