East Coast Asians

The debate tournament called “East Coast Asians” was held on the 8/15/2020. You can find all the debate topics that were debated in the tournament in this article. If you are looking for the results, please check the category Other debate tournament results.

Here are the motions:

1 THW abolish the prison system
1 THW allow single parents to raise their children in prisons
1 THR the popularity of the “cop show”
2 THS the vision of the ASEAN Economic Community
2 THBT developing countries would ban the purchase of land by foreign individuals and companies
2 THBT micro-finance organizations should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively to women
3 THS the Animal Liberation Front
3 Th, as the LGBTQ+ movement, regrets the advocacy strategy of strongly encouraging people to declare their sexual orientation (e.g: national coming out day)
3 THR Celebrity CEOs
4 THBT the West should place a ban on providing military aid to authoritatian regimes
4 TH as the UK Supports the PM’s proposal and would expand the proposal to grant unconditional citizenship to all residents of Hong Kong
4 THBT extreme economic need should be grounds for asylum
5 THBT the Netflix series “Indian Matchmaking” does more harm than good
5 As someone who is in a healthy fling with someone else, but not sexually satisfied, THW ghost instead of breaking up
5 THS “gold digging”
Novice_Semi THBT the feminist movement should support polyamorous relationships
Novice_Semi THR the narrative that difficulties and struggles in one’s lived experience are “empowering” (e.g. glorified stories about Oprah’s harsh experiences with racism and misogyny)
Novice_Semi THBT social movements should prioritize calling-in problematic inividuals and behaviours rather than calling them out
Novice_Final THP a world where all humans are born as adults
Novice_Final Instead of leaving the decision up to the producing company, THW legally require that Self-Driving Cars produced by companies always choose to maximise the number of lives saved, even if it leads to the death of the passengers
Novice_Final THS movements that advocate for the provision of negative rights to sentient AI
Open_Quarter THBT poverty should receive suspect classification in the US legal system
Open_Quarter THW legalize betting on electoral processes
Open_Quarter In multi party states with a significant ethnic minority population, TH supports the creation of political parties with the primary purpose of pursuing the interests of that ethnic minority group
Open_Final THP a world in which most people are determinists to a world in which most people believe in free will
Open_Final THW prefer to live in a world where one was mortal but could precisely schedule and plan out one`s death
Open_Final Assuming the technology exists, THS the use of non-sentient artifical intelligence that imitates deceased loved ones in appearance, personality, and mannerism

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