Debate for Donation Open

The debate tournament called “Debate for Donation Open” was held on the 10/7/2020. You can find all the debate topics that were debated in the tournament in this article. If you are looking for the results, please check the category Other debate tournament results.

Here are the motions:

Debate motion for round 1: THW embrace the rise of private cities (i.e. Eko Atlantic,Tatu City,Hope City,Cite le Flueve)
Round 2: TH, as Christians, regrets the rise of popular mainstream artists co-opting Gospel themes in their works (i.e. Kanye West Jesus is King)
Round 3: TH, as US, would covertly begin boosting the amount of foreign election interferences done by CIA
Round 4: THP a world where Homo Sapiens is not the sole surviving human species
Novice_Final: THW not grant employers access to applicants’ criminal records
Open_Final: TH, as Saudi Arabia, would advocate for Yemen to be split to three countries; South Yemen led by al-Zubaidi STC, Yemen led by Abd Rabbuh Al-Hadi and North Yemen led by Houthi

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