IDAS 2008 – Updates

This post will lead you to several updates and new information that we released about the International debate academy Slovenia 2008.

Because we would like to teach you what you want, not what we think you would want, we give you a big list of electives, workshops where you can pick them from a list and go to whatever you would like to listen to. Here is the IDAS 2008 Electives list

If you still think about if IDAS is something for you or not, you should see the schedule that we prepared for you. You will see, that there is almost no free time, only the evenings, that are full with party party party, things that Helena is preparing for you and will be posted soon. Here go and see the IDAS 2008 Schedule.

Last and really important, if you think that you will not be able to get all the money together to come to IDAS, we re working really hard to get some money for Scholarships. Apply for one and maybe you will get a scholarship for the IDAS 2008

Again, if you have any questions, or would like to share your oppinion on IDAS, you are welcome to post at my forum in the IDAS 2008 Thread

You can get all the info about IDAS at the International debate academy Slovenia blog.

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