International Debate Academy Slovenia 2007

TH believes positive discrimination is the best way to achieve equal opportunities.
TH supports that affirmative action to remedy the effects of discrimination is justified.
TH believes that racial equality is an impossible ideal.
TH believes the criminalisation of hate speech is a bad idea.
TH believes the state should pay for the education in the ethnic minorities languages.
TH supports a special seat for Roma in the European Parliament.
TH supports that ethnic minorities should have special seats in national parliaments.
TH believes in cultural and racial assimilation.
This house believes that homosexuals make good parents.
This house would permit Gay couples to adopt.
This house would put women in the military front line
This house believes that women should get an equal position in war with men
This house would positively discriminate in favor of women in the highest managment positions.
This house would positively discriminate women in the government.
This house believes:
That family and feminism are incompatible.
That we will only be post-feminist when we are in post-patriarchy.
That housewives should be paid for their work.
That feminism should give way to multiculturalism.
That feminism is corrupting the family.
That reproductive technologies are anti-women.
That media potrayal of women brings more harm than good.
That society is well – served by the maintenance of a separate culture for the deaf.
That individualts with disabilities ought to be afforded the same opportunities as able – bodied athletes.
That Mentally Handicapped People Are Better Cared For In The Community Than In Institutions.
That Elderly People Are Better Cared For In The Community Than In Institutions
That Mentally Handicapped People should be their own advocates.
That the state should be responsible for providing religious groups the venues for practising their religion.
That there should be no religious holiday recognised as a national holiday.
That all religious symbols should be banned from schools.
That sexual harassment on the working place should be punished more severly.
That state should pay for transgender surgeries.
All public bathrooms should be unisex.
Universities should have an ombudsman to investigate claims of sexual harassment of students by faculty.
Romantic relationships between professors and their students are unacceptable.

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