UT MARA Australs 2013

ROUND 1: Education
That universities should not have patents.
That we would abolish tenure for university professors.
That states that don’t provide free tertiary education should subsidize career paths for students that is useful for the state.

ROUND 2: Sport
That the English Premier League should significantly limit the number of foreign players per team .
That professional sporting clubs should only b owned by the local authority of the area they represent.
That we should ban players’ unions in major sporting leagues

ROUND 3: Crime
We should require criminal judges to be employed in a prison for 6 months prior to appointment to the bench.
That illegally gathered evidence and information should be admissible in criminal trials
That individuals who commit minor crimes should be allowed 2 convert their sentences into corporal punishment

ROUND 4: Media
That we should require all free-to-air TV stations to have and adequately fund 60min of ad-free news in prime time.
That journalists should be required to lodge their sources with a press council for verification.
That CEOs of major news companies should be democratically elected in open public elections.

ROUND 5: Economics
That countries should not seek to regulate digital currencies like the Bitcoin
TWS prohibit credit rating agencies from disclaiming legal liability for the inaccuracy of their ratings
TWS make lenders liable for the losses of low-income customers who are not given independent legal advice

ROUND 6: Social Politics
That we should make legislative deliberations & decisions on retirement age and superannuation private, anonymous, confidential and by the secret ballot.
That we should support granting private administrative control of cities on the basis of charters
That gay rights group should disavow the “Gay is the New Black” campaign.

That the US should pay Chinese activists to combat the efforts of China’s ’50 Cent Party’
That Detroit should sell the Detroit Institute of Art’s 1 billion USD collection to service it’s debts
That Obama should grant Edward Snowden amnesty from all charges

Round 8
TWS refuse classification to films and TV shows that fail the Bechdel Test.
TWS pay parental leave as equal and non-transferable portions of leave for each parent
That progressive women’s groups should refrain from attacking female politicians regardless of their policies

Adj Test: That individuals should be allowed to sell their right to sue to one/more 3rd parties.

ESL Quarter-Final: politics
That minimum standards of living should be legally enforceable in developing countries
That political parties should abolish their military wings
That we should select only women as diplomats to countries with poor rights standards for women

ESL Semi-Finals:
That China should establish military bases overseas.
That Palestinians should not accept citizenship from Arab Nations.
That we should require UN approval for the giving of military aid or selling of (words missing).

ESL Final:
That the media should not have broadcast the footage of British soldier, Lee Rigby, being murdered in London.

Open Pre-Octo Finals: Social Policy
That the infacticide of newborns should not be punished beyond the penalty for unlawful late-term abortion.
That it was wrong for parents to accept confidential settlements from the Catholic Church on behlaf of their children for abuse committed by clergymen.
That Islamic states should set the curriculum of madrassas.

Open Octo Finals: Environment
That we should abolish Green Belt regulations. (Green Belt regulations prevent urban development beyond a certain geographic boundary.)
That we should rewrite animal welfare standards to be uniform for each species of animal, regardless the animal’s use/context.
That Obama should use the Environmental Protection Agency and other executive powers to aggressively combat climate change

Open Quarter-Final: The Middle East
TWS support aggressive Palestinian protests, like property destruction, in illegal Israeli settlements
That the Muslim Brotherhood should cooperate with Adly admin and accept Cabinet positions for ending protests against the interim gov
That we regret the rise of the nation state in the Arab World

Open Semi-Final: Law
That we should abolish the criminal law, expand tort law and provide extra funding for the litigants
That the standard or ‘responsibleness’ in criminal cases should never be influenced by prejudicial assumptions, even if held by the average person in that society.
That the tax offices should be allowed to retrospectively declare acts of aggressive accounting, which expliot tax loopholes, illegal.

Grand Final:
That women should be criminally liable for harm to foetuses in utero as a result of their lifestyle choices

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