EUDC 2008 Tallinn debate motions

Round 1: This House would require people to work in return for welfare payments.

Round 2: This House believes that sporting bodies should penalise teams when their players commit criminal acts off the field.

Round 3: This House would use military force where necessary to deliver emergency aid.

Round 4: This House would make fines relative to wealth

Round 5: This house would ban the physical punishment of children by parents.

Round 6: This House believes developed countries should not accept skilled migrants from developing countries.

Round 7: This House would pay morbidly obese people to lose weight.

“Main break” quarter final:This House would ban the broadcast of recordings produced by terrorists

ESL quarter final: This House would require all schools to teach safe sex to children from age 10 regardless of parental consent

“Main break” semi final: This House would abolish income tax

ESLsemi final: This House believes the European Union should declare thatenergy security is a legitimate reason for military action

“Main break” finals: This house would ban Nazi and Soviet symbols

ESL finals: This house would allow soldiers to opt out of individual conflict for personal reasons

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