Durham IV 2011

This is one of the more important tournaments, Durham IV was held on November 5th and 6th in 2011. Here are the motions:

Round 1: This house believes the police should not create perp walks.
Round 2: This house would teach boys those aspects of subjects which are thought to be most interesting to them, such as military history.
Round 3: This house would require all newspapers to be constituted as cooperatives, owned and run by journalists.
Round 4: Insofar as it is cost effective, This house believes that authorities should routinely gather and access as much information, including private and personal information, that may conceivably be useful in solving or preventing crime, as possible.
Round 5: This house would punish NHS workers who do not blow the whistle on malpractice, corruption or negligence, of which they know, as if they had carried out the act themselves.
Main Break Semi Finals This house would not prosecute people living below the poverty line for purely acquisitive crime.
Novice Final This house believes it is illegitimate for governments to prevent any peaceful protest in public space.
Main Break Final This house believes that the media should not use the phrase ‘big society’ uncritically.

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