French Debate Association Tournament 2012

The tournament was held from February 26 till March 6 in Paris France

Heat One: THBT we live in a mediaocracy
Heat Two: THB in the Holy Trinity: Apple, Google and Facebook
Heat Three: THBT life begins at 25
Heat Four: THBT politicians should retire at 65 like everybody else
Heat Five: THB in freedom at all costs
Heat Six: THB in a three-day week-end
Heat Seven: THW blow the whistle
Heat Eight: THBT physical appearance is a fundamental criterion for good leadership
Heat Nine: THB politicians should have a sense of humor
Heat Ten: THBT If You Are Not In Fashion, You Are Nobody
Heat Eleven: THBT science has replaced philosophy
Heat Twelve: THBT men build too many walls and not enough bridges
Heat Thirteen: THBT if it isn’t broken, break it
Heat Fourteen: THW look back in anger
Heat Fifteen: THBT greed is good
Heat Sixteen: THBT If It’s Not Fun, You’re Not Doing It Right.
Heat Seventeen: THBT the best is yet to come
Heat Eighteen: THBT stale, pale males still rule

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