Irish Times Debates First Round 2011

Debate motions from the First rounds of the Irish Times Debates, held on the 30th October – November 12, 2011

Heat 1 “THW cut all foreign aid in times of recession”
Heat 2 “TH is Disgusted by ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ and other Child Beauty Pagants”
Heat 3 “THB it’s High Time the Monarchy was Abolished”
Heat 4 “THB Manchester City and Teams of their Ilk are Ruining Football”
Heat 5 “THW give Extra Leaving Cert Points for Extra Curricular Activities”
Heat 6 “THW use Military Force to Remove Kim Jong Il from Power Immediately”
Heat 7 “THB that Barack Obama’s Presidency has been a Success”
Heat 8 “THW Abolish the Minimum Wage”
Heat 9 “THB it’s Abhorrent for Western Countries to Employ Doctors from the Third World”
Heat 10 “THW Introduce Mandatory Paternity Leave”
Heat 11 “THB Norris was/is the Right Choice for President of Ireland”
Heat 12 “THB Wireless Internet Access Should be a Right not a Privilege”
Heat 13 “THW Force People to take a Mandatory Civics Test before Voting in National Elections/Referendas”
Heat 14 “THB the IOC Should Ban Drug Cheats for Life”
Heat 15 “TH Regrets the Demise of the Green Party”
Heat 16 “THW Remove all Catholic Control of Public Education by the End of the School Year”

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