John Smith Memorial Irish Mace 2011

Motions from the John Smith Memorial Irish Mace Round 1, held on November 8th – December 5 2011.

Heat 1 THW positively discriminate for women in the armed forces
Heat 2 THW introduce a salary cap for European footballers
Heat 3 THB The state should financially support newspapers
Heat 4 THW only hire disabled actors to play disabled characters
Heat 5 THW abolish JobBridge
Heat 6 THW set a cap on pay for all chief executives and other high level employees of chartities.
Heat 7 THW abolish geographical constituencies and hold only national elections
Heat 8 THW allow people to sell their organs.
Heat 9 THW give social welfare in the form of vouchers.
Heat 10 THW abolish all laws prohibiting cruelty to animals
Heat 11 THW allow parents to remove their children from sex education classes.
Heat 12 THBT news outlets should not have shown images of Gaddafi’s corpse
Heat 13 THW dismantle power sharing in the North and elect the Stormont Assembly by PR STV
Heat 14 THW ban the use, in schools, of literature that reinforces traditional gender roles.
Heat 15 THW Not outsource the running of hospitals to private companies.
Heat 16 THW allow police to temporarily suspend social networking sites in the interest of restoring law and order
Heat 17 THW publicly fund research into paranormal phenomena
Heat 18 THW Occupy Dame Street
Heat 19 THW impose a moratorium on home foreclosures
Heat 20 THW prohibit the release of previously unpublished artistic works, after the death of the creator, author or musician
Heat 21 TH regrets the popularity of the Twilight series
Heat 22 THW Would Reintroduce Hard Labour in Prisons
Heat 23 THW not lie to its children about Santa Claus
Heat 24 THB that it is in the interests of women’s equality to campaign against maternity leave.
Heat 25 THW require internet subscribers to opt in in order to be able to view pornorgraphic websites
Heat 26 That military officers should be allowed to publicly criticise the government
Heat 27 This House would allow the defendants that belong to a minority group to choose to be judged by a jury composed exclusively of other members of their same minority group.
Heat 28 THW (assuming the technology existed) implant irremovable tracking chips in its citizens
Heat 29 THBT Trade Unions do more harm than good for workers
Heat 30 THBT destruction of private property is a legitimate tool for environmental campaigners
Heat 31 THW End All State Funding For The Arts
Heat 32 THW Allow People To Sell Their Organs

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